Executive Committee Nomination Process

A Nominating Committee is formed consisting of one member from the Executive Committee and two members-at-large. Members of the Nominating Committee cannot be nominees.

The mandate of the Nominating Committee is to identify, encourage, recruit, and nominate candidates for the Executive Committee.


Regular Members-in-good-standing with strong experience and qualifications, and an interest in contributing to the volunteer leadership of spiritual direction through TASD, will be considered in the running for election to the Executive Committee.

Ways to be nominated

  1. The Nominating Committee identifies individuals.
  2. Interested individual requests two members to nominate him or her.
  3. An individual is approached by another member for nomination.

Nomination Submission

  1. All nominations need one member to nominate and one member to second.
  2. Each nomination needs to be accompanied by the person’s agreement in order to stand.
  3. The nominator fills out a simple nomination form stating reasons for nomination.
  4. Both Regular and Associate members can nominate or second a nomination.


  1. Nominating Committee conducts at least one interview with each nominee to select candidates.
  2. Nominating Committee recommends final nominees to Executive Committee for approval.
  3. Nominating Committee notifies all nominees.

Terms of Service

  1. Each Executive can consecutively serve three terms. Each term consists of two years.
  2. There is a one-year leave period before an individual can join the Executive Committee again.
  3. Nomination is to the Executive Committee. Assignment to a specific Office is agreed upon once the new Committee is in place.
  4. The Chairperson is appointed by the existing Executive Committee.
  5. Election to be held once every two years. In each election, two vacancies will be filled. This is to maintain the continuity of the operation of the Association while allowing new members to join. The Executive Committee is responsible to ensure that the appropriate Offices will be vacant in each election year.
  6. The first election will be held in 2009 for a two-year term starting 2010. Since TASD is still in its formative stage, we recommend that the current Executives will remain in the Committee until the 2011 election year. The first term of service starts 2010.
  7. If an Executive needs to vacate his or her office and he or she has not served six years consecutively, he or she can be nominated again.
  8. In the event an Executive resigns from the Committee, the Committee can appoint a Regular “Member-in-good-standing” to fill the role of that Officer until the next election.


Executive initiates forming Nominating Committee
Calls for nomination
September 1
Formation of Nominating Committee
September 1
·        Committee identifies candidates
End of nomination
October 30
Confirmation of candidates
October 15
·        Nominating Committee recommends to the Executive
October 15
·        Executives confirm candidates
October 30
Electronic mail out of election ballot
First week of November
Election closes
November 30
Nominating Committee counts ballots
First Week of December
Nominating Committee reports election results to Executive Committee
Within two days of Counting Ballots
Announce newly elected Executive
No later than December 12

Counting Ballots

Since election ballots are emailed to individuals, a “no-return” is assumed to mean, “you are in agreement with election results”. The election results are based upon return ballots. Nominees with the highest vote count win. If the number of nominees matches the number of vacant positions, nominees need more than 50% of returned ballots to win.