Celtic Spirituality: A Retreat with Rev. Ray Simpson

Here are some reports from this retreat ...

Significant time in solitude and community - both which are vital to our spiritual formation. Rich communal worship and time for contemplation.Challenges to mind and heart from guest Ray Simpson on soul friendship, nature, saints, rhythm, mission from a Celtic perspective.

One morning early at the river bed, while in meditation, looking at stones, a significant light, distracted and then arrested my attention. Resembling an LED light, this focused beam drew me in. Would it be a choice rock or gem? Behold it was a shard of broken glass - gloriously reflecting, in its own way the brilliance of the sun.

My retreat takeaway consolidated as I drove home, pressing in the notion of being at home with self and letting God's light shine on me, in me, through me am most grateful for this retreat experience and would highly recommend to others.

David Ivany, Major

In the first session, Ray spoke of how God reveals Himself in nature and we were sent out onto the Manresa grounds.  At first I looked at a what I thought was one type of plant but upon closer examination, I saw there were two different plants with similar sized and shaped leaves but flowers of different colours and different number of petals.  As I was studying this, the Lord drew my attention to some vines which could only ascend if they clung to a host plant.  We too can only ascend if we cling to our Host, Christ.

Lilo Walter