Undergraduate Student Leadership

Be a student leader. Serve the Tyndale undergraduate community and empower your peers to thrive in their gifts and passions.

Student Leadership Application Status: Closed

Student Leadership Positions

There are a variety of leadership positions available. Find one that fits your gifts, passions, and call as you pray and seek God's guidance in how you can make an impact at Tyndale.

Student Leadership Forms to Complete

Student Leadership Application Form

Application Process Timeline

Applications are now closed. Interviews for different positions are ongoing.

Qualifications for Applying

Review the qualifications below before applying. Please note that some positions have qualifications that are not listed below.

General Qualifications

  • A cumulative GPA of 2.3. If the student's cumulative GPA is less than 2.3, then the student's previous semester's GPA must be 2.7.
  • Good financial standing with Tyndale.
  • Good standing with chapel attendance.
  • Currently enrolled as a full-time student (6+ credit hours). Students who desire to take more than 15 credit hours need to consult with the Dean of Student Life regarding balancing academics and their leadership responsibilities.
  • Able to return to campus before fall and winter semesters start for training and/or retreats.
  • Able to take initiative and think creatively.
  • Desire for personal growth.
  • Good role model for students.
  • Genuine concern for the development of people and a commitment to Tyndale's mission and vision.
  • Professing Christian with demonstrated spiritual maturity.
  • Uphold, adhere, and model the guidelines and policies set out in the Student Handbook.
  • Conflict resolution is beneficial.
  • Organization skills are beneficial.
  • Previous leadership experience is beneficial.
  • Students who desire to have an additional job need to talk with the Dean of Student Life on how they can balance their workload as a student, their leadership responsibilities, and this additional responsibility.

Qualifications for Specific Positions

  • Students running for the Undergraduate Student Body President position need to have served on Tyndale Undergraduate Student Leadership already or approval from the Dean of Student of Life.