Partners - TIM Centre

Our Partners - TIM Centre

The TIM Centre is honoured to be able to partner with these different groups that work together to offer support and training to the Church.

canada mosaic college official logo

Canada Mosaic College

Canadian Mosaic College and the TIM Centre work together to offer missional training to new Canadian leaders in indigenous diaspora languages.

Converge Canada official logo

Converge Canada

Converge Canada helps with resources to offer intercultural training and assessment to the whole Canadian Church.

Development Associates International official logo

Development Associates International

Development Associates International (DAI) works together with the TIM Centre to make leadership training accessible both in Canada and to the global diaspora.

Global Gates Canada official logo

Global Gates Canada

Global Gates Canada partners with us to research, raise prayer, and mobilize ministry to the least reached communities in Canada. Their primary resource is P4N which is available on iOS/Android.

Jaffray Centre for Global Initiatives official logo

Jaffray Centre for Global Initiatives

The Jaffray Centre for Global Initiatives partners with us to create a network of mission minded organizations identifying and mobilizing leaders around our increasingly ethnically diverse nation.

Lausanne Movement Canada

Lausanne Movement Canada

Lausanne Movement Canada works with the TIM Centre to connect us nationally to the international evangelical movement.

U-Reach Canada official logo

U-Reach Canada

UReachCanada (Urban Resources Assisting Churches in Canada) helps to provide accessible tools, information, expertise, and resources related to engaging and embracing the diverse peoples of Canada.