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Survey of the Old Testament

Course Instructor: Dr. Bob Morris

“Survey of the Old Testament” is designed as a panoramic view of the books of the Old Testament canon and explores the underlying themes that are woven all through the Bible’s grand narrative – themes that are foundational pillars of the biblical worldview and therefore also of biblical understanding.  This course understands the Old Testament as the narrative of God’s missional purposes in the world and seeks to find each person’s own place in the Biblical story.

Course Dates: 

6:30pm-9:30pm for 8 sessions:

1. Monday, September 19
2. Monday, September 26
3. Monday, October 3
No class Monday, October 10
4. Monday, October 17
5. Monday, October 24
6. Monday, October 31
7. Monday, November 7
8. Monday, November 14


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