Wayne Melnechuk

M.Div., CSD
 Accepting new clients
 Brampton, Ontario
 Phone number:647-296-9069
Offers meeting in-person, by Internet, by Phone
Language: English
Church Denomination: Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec

About Wayne Melnechuk

Wayne is a M.Div. graduate from Tyndale and is a Pastor in Caledon. Wayne’s focus is on using the Sacred Scriptures as the primary text for Spiritual Direction but also emphasizes the wealth of our Christian traditions, specifically Protestant and Franciscan Spirituality. He believes that these traditions do not contain or limit but rather encourage the activity of the Holy Spirit. He acknowledges that through Spiritual Direction we respond to the grace instilled by the Holy Spirit. He believes that the Holy Spirit is the “Director” and that it is a privilege to act as an instrument of God’s guidance and direction.