A Special Welcome to Visiting Professor Dr. Beth Green

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Beth GreenTyndale is pleased to welcome Dr. Beth Green as Visiting Professor: Research, Integration and Educational Formation commencing February 1, 2019. Dr. Green has an international reputation for her expertise in religious school ethos; leadership and management; teaching and learning; and social theory in education. She earned her DPhil from Oxford University, funded by a prestigious Economic and Research Council scholarship. Dr. Green is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts and also a graduate of the University of Cambridge and the University of London. During her time at the University of London, she was awarded the Hans Prize in Education for her MA thesis in Education Management.

Dr. Green regularly publishes her research in international journals, including the British Journal of Sociology and Education and the Cambridge Journal of Education. Her many peer-reviewed articles explored the intersection of faith, learning and formation as they impact culture and society. She is also the current Canadian Regional Editor for the International Journal for Christianity and Education (IJCE). Her sought-after consultancy work takes her worldwide where she advises on effective approaches to measurement, professional development and pedagogy in the religious school sector.

She joins Tyndale after four years as Program Director of Education at Cardus, a Canadian faith-based think tank, where she focused her work on research and public policy in education, overseeing the significant expansion of the Cardus Education Program. She will continue to play a significant role with Cardus working on several ongoing initiatives in education research, at least through 2020. She has also been appointed as a Cardus Senior Fellow, working alongside others to provide strategic advice and input into the direction of Cardus’ education research program.

After a number of years in empirical research, she looks forward to her time at Tyndale. “I’m excited – coming back into higher education feels like coming home to me,” she shares, having been connected to Christian higher education most of her life. Dr. Green is also a former high school history teacher who has worked in both government and non-government schools in the United Kingdom.

At Tyndale, Dr. Green will continue her work on current projects, including a manuscript providing Christian educators with commentary on dominant themes in contemporary education, in particular, innovation, character, excellence, measurement and school choice. She will also act as a resource to fellow faculty members as they shape their own research agendas. Her time with us will foster the capacity for academic writing and publication among Tyndale faculty.

“Beth has the unique ability for interdisciplinary teaching across the humanities because she is a seasoned lecturer. Her background in educational theory, combined with her extensive research and her extraordinary ability to put such research into action in tangible, practical and resourceful ways, is truly a great asset to the Tyndale community.  She brings to the university a rich resource from which other institutions can also draw,” says Dr. Gary Nelson, President of Tyndale University College & Seminary.

Dr. Green believes that there is a profound need for Christian higher education systems within the public square of North America. “I think it’s important for the future of the church and the strength of leadership in the church that people have access to courses and disciplinary training that is framed in distinctive ways by the Christian faith. ... Having an example of Tyndale that explicitly addresses what integration of faith and learning really looks like and trains people that way is a valuable resource,” she notes. “Finding a way to grow universities like this one and their influence is going to be a really important resource for the church and our culture.”

We look forward to Dr. Green’s contribution to the enrichment of Tyndale’s educational mission and welcome her warmly to the Tyndale community.