Residence Advisor Team

Residence Advisors (RA) encourage and facilitate the development of the residents in all areas of their lives, and provide leadership for individual residence halls.  These upper-class students have evidence of Christian commitment and growth in their personal life, adequate academic achievement, chapel attendance, and potential for student leadership.

The RAs are trained by and meet regularly with the Residence Director and other Student Development staff for supervision and encouragement.  This reflects our commitment to provide a quality atmosphere and residence experience for students.

We attempt to operate in a manner directly related to New Testament teaching of interpersonal relationships in a Christian community.  As a result, we expect RAs, as well as other residents, to be involved in personal affirmation and "carefrontation" of other residents to enhance the life of our community.

Female RAs

  • Alexis (Major: Music)
  • Avery (Major: Psychology)
  • Emily (Major: Biblical Studies & Theology
  • Ffyona (Major: Human Services
  • Gracie (Major: Linguistics)
  • Micaiah (Major: Biblical Studies & Theology)

Male RAs

  • Geoff (Major: Masters in Theological Studies
  • Kieran (Major: Philosophy)
  • Kyle (Major: Biblical Studies & Theology)
  • Matt (Major: Psychology)

Residence Director: Katy Darley

The Residence Director is a live-in residence staff member who provides specific leadership to the residence team and the residents. This includes training, mentoring, supervision of the RAs, program development, and on-call availability for residence during the evenings and weekends. They also provide additional help with issues throughout residence.