Disabilities Definitions & Services Offered

Disabilities Defined & Services Offered - Accessibility Services

Learn what constitutes a physical or mental disability and the different ways the Accessibility Office can serve you.

Welcome to Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services provides diverse services and supports to students with disabilities that facilitate equal access and help them to participate in their academics and their learning environment. We collaborate with students to determine individualized supports that meet their documented needs.

Services offered

All services are free and confidential, and include the following:

Academic Accommodations

These are supports and services that provide students with disabilities an equal opportunity to access and demonstrate their learning. Academic accommodation includes classroom, test/exam, assignment and other related environmental supports. Appropriate and reasonable accommodations are based on the functional limitations of the student’s disability as outlined in their submitted medical documentation.

Please note: All accommodations are developed to meet each student’s individual needs, and since disability-related needs can manifest differently for each person, it is likely that students with the same or similar disabilities may have different approved accommodations. Learn more about accommodations

Residence Accommodations

Students living in campus residence permanently can access residence accommodations that will allow them to maintain their quality of life. Similar to academic accommodations, all residence accommodations are based on a student's documented needs. Students must register with Accessibility Services prior to residence acceptance to access any residence accommodations.

Assistive Technology

We work with students to determine suitable assistive technologies applicable to their needs. Procurement and training referrals are provided.

Alternate format

Students with visual or other types of impairments can access alternate format texts when required. An alternate format can include PDF, e-text, large print, Braille, etc.

Volunteer Peer Note-Takers

Students registered with Accessibility Services can access class notes through our volunteer peer note-taker program. This confidential service allows students to solely focus their attention on the lecture without the concern of taking notes.

Financial Assistance

Students with disabilities may be eligible for disability-related government grants, bursaries and/or funding for assessments. Learn more about financial support

Consultations and Referrals

We work with students to determine applicability for other services. Confidential referrals can be made to both on-campus and off-campus services.

Education and Advocacy

Both the post-secondary setting and disability-related difficulties can be an unknown for many students. Accessibility Services works with students to educate and create awareness of their disability and its impact on academics. Students can consult with their Accessibility Specialist for information related to disclosure and self-advocacy.