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Name Ext. Department
Paul Arsenault 2168 Faculty
Alfred Au 2761 Seminary
Peter Au 2192 CCST
Ken Badley BEd
James Beverley Seminary Faculty
Heather Birch 2224 BEd
Joseph Bishay 2171 Faculty
Brent Bonvanie 2121 Centre for Academic Excellence
Sharon Bradimore 2246 Tyndale Open Learning Centre
Trevor Brown 2250 BEd
Sammantha Carney 4104 Admissions
Writing Centre 2121 Centre for Academic Excellance
Yan Chan 2195 Office of the Registrar
Zachariah Chandy 2212 Office of the Registrar
Jennifer Chao 6757 Admissions
Mark Chapman 2208 DMin Program
Natalie Chin 2783 Marketing
Sharon Chuah 6745 Centre for Academic Excellence
Robert Cousins 2704 TIM Centre
Eric Crouse 6754 Faculty
Alan Davey Adjunct Faculty
Richard Davis 2124 Faculty
Melissa Davis 2178 Faculty
Megan Dennett 2403 Marketing
Marilyn Draper 2185 Seminary Faculty
Susan Ellfeldt 6787 Seminary Faculty
Mariam Farid 2190 BEd
Brad Faught 6759 Faculty
Rob Foster 2256 BEd
Paul Franks 6782 Faculty
W.L. Alan Fung Faculty
Karen Gallimore 6758 Campus & Conference Services
William Gardner 2276 Faculty
Ian Gentles 6718 Faculty
Beth Green 2305 Academics
Cyril Guerette 6703 Faculty
Natalie Guriel 2290 Business Administration
Isabella Gutherie-McNaughton 2126 Library
Justin Hackett 2709 Admissions
Petra Halonen 2131 Library
Tuuli Hannula 4117 Development
Vivette Henry 2174 Faculty
Brenda Ho 2147 Office of the Registrar
Maria Ho 6704 Library
Steve Holmes Board Member
Rebecca Idestrom 6771 Seminary Faculty
Andrea Johnston Potter 6770 External Relations
Stella Josiah 6721 External Relations
Tim Kantel 2209 Admissions
Marjory Kerr Office of the President