Program Format and Schedule - Bachelor of Education

Bachelor of Education

Program Format and Schedule

Tyndale's Bachelor of Education program takes place over 16 consecutive months and is divided into four semesters.

All courses are taught in person on the Tyndale campus. A typical day of classes on Tyndale campus is from 8 AM to 3:45 PM.


Semester One

August - November

  • Start date: early August (or one of the final days of July)
  • August classes:  on campus, every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
  • September through November classes: on campus, two or three days per week
  • Practicum 1
    • third week of September, full-time (Mon-Fri)  
    • September to November, one observation/participation day per week (day TBD)

Semester Two

December - April

  • Practicum 1
    • December, three full-time weeks (Mon-Fri)
  • Practicum 2
    • January, one full-time week (Mon-Fri)
    • January through April, one observation/participation day per week (day TBD)
  • January through April classes: on campus, two or three days per week (4 days for PJ FSL)

Semester Three

May - July

  • Practicum 2
    • Last week of April - May, five full-time weeks (Mon-Fri)
  • June and July classes: on campus, three or four days per week

Semester Four

August - November

  • August classes: on campus, every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
  • September - October: Practicum 3
  • November - Culminating Activities


You will have the opportunity to apply what you have been learning during three practicum placements in Ontario schools.

Explore Practicum Arrangements


The Tyndale BEd post-baccalaureate program requires a full-time commitment that is more demanding than an undergraduate degree. The focus of this professional program is on building the knowledge, skills, and attitudes you need to become an effective teacher.

Attendance, punctuality, and completion of all activities and assignments are required to succeed in each course and practicum placement. 

It can be difficult to balance part-time work and the intense workload of the program, especially during Practice Teaching blocks. During weeks with only two or three days of scheduled classes and placements, teacher candidates will be required to complete group and individual assignments, and plan lessons and units. In order to get the most out of the program, prioritizing time and learning in the BEd program without outside obligations will provide the greatest opportunity for your success.