Hudson Taylor Centre for Chinese Ministries

Hudson Taylor Centre for Chinese Ministries

Our ministries

Spear-heading the Ministries that are New challenge for the Church

The Hudson Taylor Centre provides local churches with customized research on issues that are affecting the Chinese Church and deliver the results to the congregations through seminars and conferences.

The Mentoring & Pastoral Support Network

“The Mentoring and Pastoral Support Network” is specifically designed for pastors stepping into the pastoral ministry. Through this one year program, we mentor, support, encourage and develop these servants of God in a small group setting. Each year, we will start a new group of 5-7 members. Up to this date, the members of previous years are still meeting periodically as a group.

Publications on Bible, History, Theology & Culture

The Hudson Taylor Centre sponsors the publication of Dr. Wing Hung Lam and serves as a homebase as he works on his series on Christian Theology in Development.
The Hudson Taylor Centre also seeks to publish a book series in order to make the results of academic research available to scholars, pastors and lay leaders in the Chinese Church. This book series includes biblical studies, theological discussion, church history and pastoral problems.

Chinese Standard Bible Translation Project

Invited by the Asia Bible Society to translate the Bible from Hebrew and Greek into Chinese – targeted for Mainland Chinese readers, Dr. Barbara Leung Lai heads up a translation team of 3 Tyndale Alumni (Ph.D. students in OT) to work on the project. The books assigned and completed by the team are 1 & 2 Chronicles; Joshua and Nehemiah.

Discipleship Training for Chinese Christians in Ukraine and Russia

In response to the urgent needs of training Chinese Christians in Russia and upon the invitation to partner with SEND International of Canada, the Hudson Taylor Centre of Tyndale Seminary has set up a Discipleship Training program since 2001. Teachers were sent to various cities to offer courses on discipleship for the local Chinese Christians through MuQun Centre.  With the recommendation of the coworkers of SEND international, we had also started the same discipleship training program to equip young believers of the Chinese churches in Ukraine since May 08. Hudson Taylor Centre has been sending teachers to offer courses on discipleship, as ministry under the MuQun Centre. A Pastoral Diploma Program has been launched to train local pastors and leaders since April, 2014.  

Sunday School Matters

  • Sunday School Teaching (SST) Program 

The vision of the Hudson Taylor Centre is to advance Chinese ministries in North America and around the world. One of the Centre’s missions is to serve as a bridge between the academic community and churches. Under the leadership of Dr. Barbara Leung Lai, a team of Tyndale faculty and alumni seeks to serve Chinese Churches in GTA-905 through teaching and equipping ministries. Upon invitation, we engage in meeting the various needs of church groups, including Adult Sunday School teaching, Bible and equipping seminars, and special talks on “life issues”. Sessions are led either in English, Mandarin or Cantonese. 

  • Teacher Equipping (TE) Program 

It is a program meant for Sunday school teachers who seek to have deeper understanding of the Bible in order to teach more effectively. Designed and taught by experienced pastors or professors, each course aims at helping participants to build a solid knowledge of selected books of the Bible. Different approaches to interpretation as well as issues of appropriation will be included in the discussion.