Hudson Taylor Centre for Chinese Ministries

About Hudson Taylor Centre for Chinese Ministries / 有關戴德生華人事工中心

Hudson Taylor Centre is dedicated to serve the global Chinese Church.

The Church

The church has a special place in God’s plan. It is not only redeemed with a great price, it is also adopted as children, sanctified to be holy-ones – and most importantly being-sent back into the world to be light & salt, to be His witness.

In view of God’s commission and design for the Church, it should never be fossilized into past accomplishments, nor retreat into comfort zones – rather, the Church should embrace promises & blessings in all sorts of missions and mandates.

The Centre

By the grace of God, HTC (Hudson Taylor Centre for Chinese Ministries) respond to this ‘Call’, and walk along side with the Church, in order to shoulder the Mandate given by God to His People – especially in the following aspects:

  • Firm-up the Foundation:
    • The proclamation of the Word of God and its Living-out
    • The all-round maturity and health of God’s servants
    • The mobilization of His People, actualizing the ‘Priesthood of All Believers’
  • Confront the present state of society & culture:
    • Properly deal with the issues of post-Christian society in general, and the issues of ‘sinicization’ of Christianity in particular.
    • Reverse the radicalization of the Out Reach ministries:
      • On the one end, deteriorating into: wrong focus, passivity, negligence, majoring in the minors.
      • On the other end, rushing into simplistic apologetics and conversions.
    • Focus on the eternal Truths of the Gospel, distinguishing it from the cultural frame and platform – establishing a basis to gauge the times, and to respond nimbly in face of drastic and rapid changes.
  • Get ready for the challenge of the future generations:
    • The changes of ‘Generational Culture’, wave after wave (from ‘Boomers’ to “Gen Z’ and beyond.
    • The societal changes as we step simultaneously into the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ and the ‘Post-Industrial Revolution’ – in particular, the commotions that will come with increasing ‘automation’.
    • The ebb and tide of Globalization and its impacts.
    • The changes brought about by urbanization, especially ‘Gentrification’.
    • The theory and practice of Change Management – within the Church, and through the Church in the society.

The Church + The Centre

  • As ‘Prayer Partners’
  • As ‘Financial Supporters’
  • As ‘Mission Coworkers’
    • Participate in HTC events
    • Become ministry volunteers
    • Co-sponsor events & activities
    • Assist in promotion
    • Provide suggestions and ideas