Final Exam Schedule

Winter 2018 Final Exams

University College: April 11 (Wednesday) to April 18 (Wednesday), including Saturday
Seminary: April 10 (Tuesday) to April 16 (Monday)

Exam Reschedule Requests

If you have a legitimate exam conflict, please submit a Final Exam Reschedule Request Form (PDF) by Friday, March 16, 2018 to the Office of the Registrar. Requests received after the deadline will NOT be approved.

Legitimate reasons for rescheduling a final exam include:

  • 2 exams scheduled at the same time;
  • 3 consecutive exams scheduled within 24 hours (UC) and 3 exams in one day (Seminary);
  • Sudden illness or injury (A doctor’s note must be provided).*

​*Note: If you are ill on the day of an exam and are unable to write it, please submit to us a Final Exam Reschedule Request Form with a doctor’s note within 48 hours of the examination. The doctor’s note should state your inability to write on the day of your final exam and when you will be able to return to studies.

Some examples of illegitimate reasons for rescheduling a final exam:

  • Early vacation plans;
  • Work Schedule;
  • Church/Ministry activity;
  • Personal plans

Final Exam Policy

To know more about exam reschedule requests and rules for final exams, please check the Winter 2018 Final Examination Policy (PDF).