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Spiritual Formation


The Spiritual Formation Track focuses on experiencing personal spiritual growth, understanding the dynamics of spirituality, and facilitating the spiritual formation of others. This track is ideal for anyone involved in formational ministry (e.g., spiritual direction, pastoring, Christian education, youth ministry, etc.). It applies insights from theology, psychology, sociology, education and spirituality to a variety of formational ministries. This track satisfies the academic course requirements for becoming a Certified Spiritual Director (CSD).

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Program Format

The Doctor of Ministry Spiritual Formation Track is a cohort model, with some sequenced courses. Students will complete 12 courses within 3 years, with distance learning and residency phases each year.

  • The distance learning phase includes reading, writing, research, reflection, application, and collaboration primarily supported by teachers, personal growth coaches, and research portfolio advisors.
  • The residency phase – two weeks in June and one week in January – includes worship and prayer, lectures, plenary discussions, group activities, small group meetings, and individual work.

Course titles, descriptions and sequence may be modified when warranted after due process by the DMin Program Committee and Academic Planning Committee.


Year A

  • DMSF 0901 Listening to God: Discernment for Spiritual Formation
  • DMSF 0902 Spiritual Formation: A Historical and Practical Approach
  • DMSF 0911 Space for God: Personalizing Sacred Practices
  • DMSF 0941 Spiritual Autobiography: The Ways of the Spirit in a Life

Year B

  • DMSF 0903 Desiring God: Sacred Paths and Spiritual Mentors
  • DMSF 0905 Engaging Scriptures: Spiritual Formation for Information and Transformation
  • DMSF 0912 Nurturing Spirituality: A Lifestyle of Mentoring, Discipleship and Spiritual Direction
  • DMSF 0942 Developing a Model of Spiritual Formation: Ministry Project

Year C

  • DMSF 0904 Formational Prayer: The Journey to Wholeness
  • DMSF 0930 Special Topics in Spiritual Formation
  • DMSF 0943 Action Research Project
  • DMSF 0947 Integration: Research Portfolio and Hearing

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Spiritual Formation Faculty & Instructors

Dr. David Sherbino

David Sherbino

Spiritual Formation Track Leader |  416.226.6620 ext. 6741

David Sherbino has been a faculty member at Tyndale Seminary since 1987. He has over 30 years of experience as a minister and in teaching pastoral and spiritual formation in seminars around the world. He is a popular speaker and church consultant, regularly addressing various church and ministry groups around the world.

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Marilyn Draper

Marilyn Draper

Dr. Marilyn Draper is the Assistant Professor of Practical Theology and has theological expertise along with years of frontline experience as a church planter, pastor and campus ministry worker. Along with several published works, she is an experienced lecturer, preacher and speaker.

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Roger Helland

Roger Helland

Dr. Roger Helland is an instructor in Spiritual Formation and currently serves as the Prayer Ambassador for The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. With over 35 years of experience as a pastor, denominational leader and adjunct professor at several theological schools, his mission is to equip and empower missional, disciple-making leaders and churches. His passion is for spiritual leadership and church renewal with a deep devotion to prayer and to the ministry of the word.

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J.L. Miller

J.L. Miller

J.L. Miller is the Chair of Religion and Associate Dean of the Chapel at Houghton University.

Ingrid Reichard

Ingrid Reichard

Ingrid Reichard is the Director of National Faith and Life.

Phil Reinders

Phil Reinders

I am the Lead Pastor of ClearView Church and a missional leader, having served churches in three Canadian cities (Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto). And I love words and create things with words - I've written in a variety of publications and authored the best-selling prayer-book (now really, who would've expected "best-selling" and "prayer book" in the same sentence) Seeking God's Face. I am convinced the Christian faith practices and spiritual disciplines are so central to shaping a lively and resilient faith in Jesus.

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Neal Siler

Neal Siler

Neal Siler is the Senior Pastor of First Shiloh Baptist Church, a clinician and the founder of The Healing Place Center for Counselling and Spiritual Formation. He holds a PhD in Counselling Psychology and a DMin in Formal Counselling.

Sharon Siler

Sharon Siler

Sharon Siler is the Executive Director of The Healing Place Center for Counselling and Spiritual Formation, and Associate Faculty of HCMI Spiritual Formation and the Art of Spiritual Formation.

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Tom Sweeney

Thomas Sweeney

Dr. Tom Sweeney is a follower of Jesus, a practitioner of the ministry of spiritual formation and an Adjunct Faculty at several seminaries. He lives in southwestern Ontario, Canada and teaches in several seminaries across North America.

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