Gary Chapman Counselling Hub

By Tyndale Communications  /  Friday, April 12, 2019

Gary Chapman and President NelsonMinistering to families and individuals since 2015, Tyndale’s Family Life Centre (FLC) recently inaugurated the Gary Chapman Counselling Hub. Located in the heart of the FLC on the Tyndale campus, this space is in honour of the significant contributions Dr. Chapman has made to marriage and family clinical care and specifically to the Tyndale Family Life Center. Dr. Chapman is a prominent marriage and family counsellor, speaker and author of the bestselling book The 5 Love Languages. The Hub provides facilities to support clinical counselling, family programming and professional development for mental health practitioners.

Dr. Marion Goetrz, Executive Director of the FLC, founded this flourishing centre that provides professional counselling services. With the mission to support families in the cultivation of love and healing, the FLC offers psychotherapy, workshops, seminars, career coaching and training for young professionals. Within the community of Tyndale and outward into the larger community of Toronto, the FLC ministers to individuals, couples, aging adults and families alike. The many services offered to clients of varying backgrounds, faiths and ages are a testament to the ethnocultural centre’s diversity.

This past March, the FLC hosted and invited Dr. Chapman to participate in a day-long presentation on building and maintaining healthy relationships, featuring the five love languages. The 225 guests in attendance at the highly acclaimed event included therapists, pastors, married and dating couples, educators and students.