Welcoming Patrick Franklin, Associate Professor of Theology

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Portrait shot of Dr. Patrick FrankinTyndale Seminary is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Patrick Franklin as Associate Professor of Theology commencing July 1, 2018. With his extensive experience as a highly-regarded scholar, published author, accomplished teacher and seasoned ministry practitioner, Tyndale looks forward to the contribution Dr. Franklin will make to the seminary. He is well acquainted with Tyndale Seminary’s mission and ethos, having completed his Master of Divinity in 2001 from Tyndale, as well as having served as an adjunct instructor. Dr. Franklin earned his Ph.D. in Christian Theology in 2011 from McMaster Divinity College. In recent years, he has been teaching at Providence Seminary in Manitoba as the Associate Professor of Theology & Ethics.

“It's at Tyndale that I first fell in love with studying theology,” shares Dr. Franklin, “I'm looking forward to contributing my gifts and learning from and collaborating with others. I'm passionate about helping students see (and experience) the importance of theological reflection for all of life.”

Dr. Franklin’s teaching and scholarly interests are in the areas of ecclesiology, theology and culture, theological anthropology, Trinitarian theology, atonement theology, Christian ethics and the study of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. His attention is also focused on the relationship between Christian theology and the field of science. He is the Vice President of the Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation and a Fellow of the American Scientific Affiliation.

“Dr. Franklin is an outstanding Canadian evangelical theologian. His theological expertise, his passionate commitment to students and his love for the church combine to make him a most welcomed addition to the seminary faculty,” says Dr. Janet Clark, Senior Vice President Academic & Dean of the Seminary.

He and his wife Elena, who is a counsellor and spiritual director, have three children. They often serve together in church leadership, campus ministry and other events.