Undergraduate Student Organizations

Connect with people who share your passion, or explore a brand-new hobby in one of Tyndale’s student organizations.

Current Student Organizations

Tyndale has a variety of student organizations ranging from academic-focused to social and arts focus organizations. Students who cannot find a student organization they are interested in can initiate a new student organization.

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Initiating a New Student Organization

Each student organization must have a faculty/staff liaison before being considered by the Tyndale University Undergrad Student Association (TUUSA) Council. This faculty/staff liaison will be the student organization's contact person with the administration, faculty, and staff of the university. The role of the faculty/staff liaison is to:

  • Provide continuity for the student organization from year to year.
  • Meet with club leaders at least once per semester to advise and give suggestions as to the student organization's involvement.

Student Organization Approval Process

Students who want to initiate a new student organization must submit the following items by October 7, 2022 for the fall semester and January 30, 2023 for the winter semester:

  • New Student Organization Application Form
  • Funding Request Form
  • Staff/Faculty Liaison Form

Once all of these items have been received, the TUUSA review the application for approval. The Director of Administration & Student Organizations will then confirm with the leader of the organization that they are approved and what amount of funding they have received, if any.


The TUUSA Council offers funding to student organizations once they have been approved. A student organization can request up to $150/semester of funding from the TUUSA Council. It is not a guarantee that the requested or any amount will be given. Student organizations that have more than $500 in their organization's account may not receive funding from the TUUSA Council.

New student organizations that wish to receive funding from the TUUSA Council are required to submit a Funding Request Form (available soon) to the TUUSA Council. Returning student organizations are required to renew their registration by submitting a Renewal Student Organization Application (available soon) at the beginning of each academic year in order to continue receiving funding from the TUUSA Council. 

Funding Request Form (will be available soon)

Student Organization Policy

All student organizations must agree to abide by the standards and expectations and Statement of Faith as stated in the Tyndale Student Handbook. All designated contacts must have a minimum GPA of 2.0. Tyndale does not sponsor the organization per se. They are fully student-initiated and led.

Student Organization Questions

Students can contact the TUUSA Council by emailing councilu [at] tyndale [dot] ca with any questions about the process.