Current Undergraduate Student Organizations

Tyndale has a variety of student organizations ranging from academic focused to social and arts focus organizations. If you are interested in learning more about student organizations at Tyndale, please contact Julie Bandy, Director of Student Organizations & Houses, at bandyjulie [at] mytyndale [dot] ca.

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Apologetics of Tyndale

Mission Statement: Honouring Christ through the reasonable defense of our faith and through the demonstration of Christ’s work in our hearts.

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Dr. Richard Davis

Black Educators of Tyndale (BET)

A committee of Tyndale students who seek to offer support for, and awareness of the Black community and Black culture within our diverse community. Their mission is to promote inclusivity within the wider Tyndale community through a few planned events, monthly gatherings, and fundraisers, in hopes of:

  • Promoting awareness about true Black culture through educating about Black History and eliminating stereotypes that the media portrays.
  • Supporting and encouraging the Black community within Tyndale to excel academically and socially, and find ways to get connected and feel more involved, even at the leadership level.
  • Helping others know how and how not to relate to members of the Black community.

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Dr. Genie Kim

Psi Chi

Mission Statement: Recognizing and promoting excellence in the science and application of psychology.

  • Psi Chi is an international honours society in psychology. Tyndale’s chapter of Psi Chi is committed to upholding the values of both Psi Chi and Tyndale.
  • This club offers Psychology Students the benefits of the international honours society while maintaining the community focused aspects of the previous psychology clubs at Tyndale.
  • Tyndale’s Psi Chi chapter is setting out to 1) practice, apply and achieve excellence in psychology and 2) learn to integrate faith and psychology to serve others and each other.

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Dr. Nancy Ross

Script Magazine

Student-led magazine to showcase students' perspectives and an outlet for creative expression. The Script Magazine is actively seeking submissions of creative compositions for the entire student body to ponder. Students can also work on the layout and editing of the submissions in order to produce a quality magazine. The Script contains anything from short stories and poetry to opinion pieces and editorials, with a minimum of two issues per semester.

Contact Info: tyndalestudentpublication [at] gmail [dot] com

The Sophia Society of Tyndale

Mission Statement: To encourage thoughtful conversations at the intersection of academics and faith for the purpose of facilitating a context for listening and understanding divergent points of view as we pursue truth together.


  • To foster intellectual discussion amongst event planning group team members in order to shape events based on a united vision.
  • To inspire the student body into having a deep interest towards an intimate knowledge of wisdom and academia.
  • To encourage and push further conversations about the liberal arts imagination as it relates to Christian individuals within the Tyndale community at large.

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Dr. Benjamin Reynolds

Tyndale Dance Club

Mission Statement: For people to use their bodies as an instrumental tool for the worship of God both individually and communally.

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Elizabeth Reynolds

  • To help students realize the joy that can be found in the arts.

Tyndale Debate Club

Mission Statement: To equip students with debate skills, providing an environment conducive to fruitful discussion where everyone can contribute.

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Dr. Richard Davis

Tyndale Literary Book Club

Mission Statement: To promote connection, appreciation and learning through the reading and discussion of English literature.

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Dr. Melanie East

Tyndale Outreach Club

Mission Statement: We exist to mobilize Tyndale students to practically engage in the mission of God through partnership with local organizations.

Scriptural Focus: Matthew 25:40 NIV
“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”


  • Partner as a club with local organizations to join in on their existing projects through short-term commitments
  • Establish a network to connect individuals with long-term serving opportunities within the community
  • Equip students with the knowledge, awareness, and Biblical perspective of mission.

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Dr. Michelle Shockness

Tyndale Pro Life Society

Mission Statement: To encourage, equip, and accompany students passionate about life with the ability to defend their positions.

Faculty/Staff Liaison: Dr. Scott Masson

Tyndale Socratic Club

Mission Statement: To create respectful spaces for Tyndale students to wrestle through difficult topics by dialogue and debate in order to develop themselves in the body of Christ. To encourage and create opportunities to share God’s good news of grace, love and trust with others.

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Dr. Richard Davis