Current Undergraduate Student Organizations

Tyndale has a variety of student organizations ranging from academic-focused to social and arts focus organizations. Students who can’t find the club or group they want can invent one of their own.

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Black Educators of Tyndale (BET)

A committee of Tyndale students who seek to offer support for, and awareness of the Black community and Black culture within our diverse community. Their mission is to promote inclusivity within the wider Tyndale community through a few planned events, monthly gatherings, and fundraisers, in hopes of:

  • Promoting awareness about true Black culture through educating about Black History and eliminating stereotypes that the media portrays.
  • Supporting and encouraging the Black community within Tyndale to excel academically and socially, and find ways to get connected and feel more involved, even at the leadership level.
  • Helping others know how and how not to relate to members of the Black community.

Health and Human Services Student Association

The Health and Human Services Student Association's mission is to utilize academic learning to spread awareness and serve within Tyndale and the local community through fostering relationships. Their goals are:

  • To serve the homeless of downtown Toronto.
  • Visiting those in the criminal justice system.
  • To grow in our knowledge and experience of human services.
  • To grow as an association.

Logos Apologia

Logos Apologia's mission is to come from an evidentialist apologetics approach to reveal the truth of God by participating in study, research, prayer, and debate to appropriate our mission as disciples of Christ.

Script Magazine

Student-led magazine to showcase students' perspectives and an outlet for creative expression. The Script Magazine is actively seeking submissions of creative compositions for the entire student body to ponder. Students can also work on the layout and editing of the submissions in order to produce a quality magazine. The Script contains anything from short stories and poetry to opinion pieces and editorials, with a minimum of two issues per semester.

Contact Info: tyndalestudentpublication [at] gmail [dot] com

Sophia Society

The Sophia Society is a student-run organization at Tyndale. Their aim is the pursuit of wisdom, truth, and the stimulation of intellectual curiosity.

Tyndal 12

In accordance with Romans 12:1, Tyndal 12 seeks to promote fitness, foster diversity in dance, and worship God through the use of our bodies.

Tyndale Association of Psychology Students (TAPS)

TAPS desires to provide a bridge between the Psychology department and student body that will facilitate academic, social, and spiritual interactions in order to create an informative and enjoyable environment for the Tyndale community.

Tyndale Business Club

The Tyndale Business club provides business experiences and services to Tyndale students for their learning, growth, and enjoyment.

Tyndale Students for Life

Tyndale Students for Life is dedicated to exposing the injustices of abortion and upholding the value and integrity of human life. Their goals are:

  • To engage in pro-life discussions with students on campus.
  • To provide pro-life apologetics training for students and the wider Tyndale community.
  • To put more boots on the ground, actively working towards protecting the preborn in Toronto.

Tyndale Theatre Association

Tyndale Theatre Association's mission is to increase appreciation of the arts for and through the students of Tyndale in a God-honouring way.  Their goals are:

  • To produce "The Importance of Being Earnest".
  • To hold event nights to get more people involved.
  • To help students realize the joy that can be found in the arts.