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The Enneagram: Self-Awareness and Growth Certificate

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a dynamic, spiritually grounded personality system, describing nine different patterns of thinking, feeling and acting. It helps you become more aware of your own patterns, blind spots, automatic reactions, and gifts so that you can change and grow. This inner work creates more depth in your spiritual journey. True transformation takes place and compassion grows!

Enneagram Certificate Levels

There are two levels of certification available in the Enneagram Certificate program. The following lists are the required modules you must complete in order to earn each certificate. If you are unable to complete all the modules during this years' time offerings, you may complete missing modules in future years while counting the modules you completed in preceding years toward your certification.

The Enneagram Certificate 2021-22 offers 7 modules, beginning October 2, 2021 running through April 30, 2022.

Enneagram Level I

  1. Introduction to Enneagram
  2. Enneagram and Relationships
  3. Our Enneagram Defenses
  4. Passions of the Enneagram
  5. Enneagram and Spiritual Formation

Enneagram Level II

  1. Enneagram and Three Centred Growth
  2. Enneagram and Holy Ideas
  3. Developing your Inner Observer
  4. Enneagram and Discernment
  5. Enneagram and Somatic

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As Tyndale’s Seminary programs have had to move online due to the pandemic, the Spiritual Formation Centre Certificate Programs are no exception. Although the in-person classroom is the preferred experience, the online curriculum for this certificate program module promises to be truly immersive. While maintaining important elements of community through live streaming, conversations will be enhanced by independent study in preparation for each session. Online programming will also offer the opportunity for others to participate who would have otherwise not been able to do to distance and time restrictions. The platform for the live streaming will be Zoom. Once registered and closer to the date, details concerning the format of the module and Zoom link will be sent to you.


$125.00 per module (plus administrative fees)

Upcoming Certificate Modules


One week ahead of the actual workshop date, participants will be given access to videos the facilitators have created. Students must to watch the video material before attending the class. Please register early to ensure that you have enough time to go through the videos. Come prepared to the online class time with your questions and queries.


Email tsfc [at] tyndale [dot] ca.

Our Enneagram Certificate Graduates

"The Enneagram is a masterfully crafted instrument that has helped me immensely, both personally and professionally. It is a tool that is simultaneously powerful and gentle, especially in the capable and loving hands of Cynthia and Sue. My relationship with God has deepened; my self-knowledge has expanded; my confidence as a parent has grown and the intimacy in my marriage has been strengthened. In summary, the Enneagram, as introduced by Cynthia and Sue in the narrative tradition, has enlarged my capacity for compassion, both for myself and my neighbour. It is a journey well worth taking."

— Tracey-Ann Van Brenk, CSD, MDiv

“Cynthia Stevens and Sue Guttenstein’s Enneagram work in the narrative tradition provides structure and vocabulary that has facilitated a deeper self-awareness, which in turn influences the way I listen to others. Through their workshops, they model and articulate the benefits of the Enneagram, which has become a helpful tool in acknowledging my default reactions. The invitation to pause and recognize the choices I have in how I react to any given situation fosters a non-judgemental but exploratory atmosphere in which to face my resistances. This is having a noticeable impact in the way I process areas in my life I would rather not face. I find myself extending this same grace to others in my family and my ministry of spiritual direction. Awareness of other Enneagram types has increased my appreciation for how others process and react to their fears, and has invited me to look at my relationships with greater empathy and compassion. The greatest gift of the Enneagram for me is how this is a springboard for ongoing dialogue and prayer with God.”

— Maria Kon, CSDS, MTS

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