Starting a Private Practice Common Questions

Starting a Private Practice Common Questions

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Do I Need to Have a Written Contract or Agreement With My Directees?

A written agreement between the director and the directee is always recommended.

Do I Need to Collect HST on My Fees?

If you earn less than $30,000 from your practice, you do not need to collect HST.

Do I Need a Business License?

In Canada, if you do not earn more than $30,000 and hence do not need to collect GST, you do not need to obtain a business license.

Do I Need to Issue Receipts?

Receipts should be issued to directees. An annual receipt showing all sessions and amounts will usually suffice.

How Much Should I Charge?

  • Set a fee or give a sliding scale based on your directee’s income
  • Setting a fee is a matter of prayer and ethical living
  • The amount you choose is dependent upon the natural tension between providing accessible service to the directee and providing a source of sustainable income for yourself

Should I have Liability Insurance?

  • It is highly advisable that you purchase liability insurance (or be assumed under your church’s liability insurance policy, if possible)
  • If you work solely out of your own office contact the Canadian Council of Professional Certification or the Canadian Association of Pastoral Counsellors to purchase the insurance
  • Indicate that you are not a mental health professional

What are Eligible Expenses?

  • Check with a certified accountant
  • Expenses directly related to your practice are deductible
  • Example: office supplies, phone, mileage if you are driving to your clients, professional membership fees, supervision fees, conference fees


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The Spiritual Guidance Handbook: Practical Methods for Developing a Spiritual Direction
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Contact Dr. Tallman to order this book

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