Spiritual Direction Introduction

Spiritual Direction Introduction

Tyndale Spiritual Formation Centre
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Spiritual direction is a spiritual discipline which has been a source of nurture for Christians for centuries. It is a form of soul care which offers an individual the opportunity to meet another Christian for the purpose of examining his/her relationship with God.

Director and directee meet regularly perhaps weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even bi-annually for conversation and prayer. A director is not an advisor but more a facilitator helping the directee pay attention to what God (the true Director) is doing in his or her life.

Directees who benefit most are those who desire more of God, who want a deepened relationship with Him, a keener sense of His presence. Yet it is not necessary to have specific questions or problems in order to seek direction – just a desire for God. In the process, God will reveal where the gaps are.

Read more about the history, goal and process of Spiritual Direction alongside choosing a Spiritual Director.


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