Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal Award

Posted: April 17, 2013 by Chul-Un (Peter) Ro
Tyndale Class of 2001
Chul-Un (Peter) Ro (MTS, 2001)

Chul-Un Ro was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his achievements in acid rain studies in February 2013.

As a physical scientist at Environment Canada for 25 years, Mr. Ro has been a critical contributor to the advancement of acid rain science in Canada. He has been a long-term researcher in the field of acid rain science and has demonstrated inexhaustible attention to detail, quality and meeting the needs of the Canadian public. His accomplishments are many and are summarized below.

Mr. Ro has been Environment Canada’s lead with provincial acid rain monitoring networks to collect, archive and analyze federal-provincial data. His work has led to the production of a federal-provincial archive of acid deposition data that makes data accessible to both the public and the scientific community.

Mr. Ro has created an archive of national and international acid deposition maps. His maps have been critical for demonstrating the efficacy of Canadian and U.S. emission reductions on decreasing acid deposition in both countries.

Mr. Ro has advanced Canadian and international science through his contributions to peer-reviewed journal publications and other science assessments. His most recent peer-reviewed publication importantly quantified the strong influence of U.S. emissions on Canadian acid rain and provided scientific evidence to support the need for ongoing monitoring of acid rain in Canada. Internationally, Mr. Ro is currently contributing to a global science assessment of acid deposition for the World Meteorological Organization.

Mr. Ro’s dedication to the field of atmospheric acid rain research has been exemplary and his contributions have been foundational. He is highly regarded nationally and internationally and has been a true asset to Environment Canada through his hard work, dedication and positive attitude.

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