Re-release of Within the Barbed Wire Fence, with a New Foreword

Posted: November 12, 2012 by Leatrice W. Willson Chan
Tyndale Class of 2012

Re-release by James Lorimer of Within the Barbed Wire

Fence: A Japanese Man's Account of His Internment in Canada, first published in 1980 by University of Toronto Press.

From the dust jacket: "Here [Takeo Nakano] tells his story of upheaval, civil disobedience, and months within the double barbed wire fence. It is a personal account of one of the blackest episodes in Canada's history - the forced evacuation of 21,000 Japanese Canadians from BC during the Second World War.

This book is based on diaries Nakano kept during the 1940s, translated and extended with the assistance of a daughter born after the war, Leatrice M. Willson Chan (nee Nakano)." I have also prepared a "Foreword to the New Edition."

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