Talk to me - a Life Losses/Grief Coach

Posted: February 20, 2015 by Helga Bender
Tyndale Class of 1999

Hi! My update is that I recently launched my own business, Helga Bender Coaching. I am a Christian life losses/ grief coach. I help people restore their resilience after the chaotic losses of health, bereavement, divorce and jobs.

Using my Master's Degree in Theological Studies from Tyndale Seminary, my Spiritual Director training and certifications in prayer and emotional healing, I ensure people do no get bogged down in unhelpful emotions so their strength can return and they can feel normal again. Often, I help clients with faith questions where government services cannot go.

Some of you know that I lost my son in 2006 and have personally walked through the valley of the shadow and back to life and joy again and thankful for God's provision and care. This has given me deep compassion and understanding.

I also have recently released my new book, "Welcome Words for Warriors, Words of encouragement and hope" available on my website, If you are in a caring role, your people would benefit from my services whether personal coaching or workshops and seminars and I see great healing. 

Although I am in Calgary, AB now, I have also worked with clients in BC and Belgium by Skype. However, I do visit Toronto regularly. Email me at coach [at] helgabender [dot] com.


With Warm Greetings,

Helga (Farrant) Bender

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