The First Redemptive Lab in Canada

The First Redemptive Lab in Canada

Centre for Redemptive Entrepreneurship
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In partnership with Charis Foundation, the Centre for Redemptive Entrepreneurship (CRE) made history April 2-4, 2023, at the first-ever Canadian Redemptive Business Lab held in Paris, Ontario. CRE also helped launch the first Redemptive Social Enterprise Lab, the Kaleo Labs.

The two labs took place simultaneously at the same venue and shared some highly engaging experiences, yet they were customized for the two cohorts of venture founders. While each cohort ran a tailored core program, all 20 founders of 15 ventures and 16 mentors engaged in joint gatherings where deep conversations occurred. Each venture, be it for business or social enterprise, is an experiential project designed to shape culture in some innovative ways.

In addition to learning about the redemptive frame that covers the dimensions of strategy, operations, and leadership, and the practice of accelerating their redemptive entrepreneurship, each founder had four one-on-one sessions with the mentors paired for their specific venture needs. This unique mentoring format has an additional benefit… there's built-in discipleship in these meetings because our mentors are both seasoned business leaders and devoted Jesus followers.

The deep conversations at these labs ignited inspiration and broadened our founders’ imaginations. Our founders reflected on his experience:

"While I thought the mentors would be the best part, I was just so impressed and blessed by the other founders. Their passion, sacrifice, and humility were inspiring."

“Extremely well led / the entire team at redemptive labs were on point and on message.”

“I feel the flow of the event contributes to the overall mindset change.”

The impact of the labs goes beyond just the venture founders. Our mentors also had the opportunity to reflect on their own journeys based on the redemptive frame, and they felt encouraged to apply it for further impacts. And with the lab designed to bring meaningful connections in a short time, it will be a significant catalyst for the redemptive entrepreneurship movement.

Our deep gratitude to everyone who made this event possible and memorable. We look forward to seeing the continued growth and impact of redemptive entrepreneurship in Canada.

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