Thought Leaders Gather for Mental Health Challenge

Thought Leaders Gather for Mental Health Challenge

Centre for Redemptive Entrepreneurship
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On March 1, CRE hosted another Thought Leaders Gathering on Mental Health Challenge, the second time since September 2022.

This time we had a select group of ministry leaders engage in a vibrant conversation with Daniel Whitehead, CEO of Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries from Vancouver, on making The Sanctuary Course widely available to churches and communities in Ontario. The focus is on supporting mental health and well-being with kingdom impact.

Many of these high-capacity leaders in different spheres of ministries had never met prior to this gathering. Nevertheless, they made a special effort to attend this event, and their like-mindedness connected them in a dynamic way. They synthesized their magic and breathed out innovative ideas of collaborations between Canada's west and east. Clearly, redemptive innovation has no territories, and CRE is glad to be a bridge in connecting new possibilities.

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