Program Mission and Outcomes

Our mission is for graduates to teach with the utmost commitment to professionalism, excellence, collegiality, equity, and service. Graduates of the program are eligible to apply for certification to teach in Ontario and to earn the professional designation of Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT).

Program Distinctives

  1. We are part of Tyndale University - a Christian university that welcomes all qualified applicants who desire to study in the context of a Christian faith-based institution;
  2. We offer a space where foundational, theological, and philosophical beliefs are examined in the context of conversation and reflection. Teacher Candidates are invited to consider how they will live out the beliefs that they hold, whether part of the Canadian evangelical protestant tradition of the institution, the Christian Catholic tradition, another faith tradition or no faith tradition;
  3. We link theory and practice through our program structure, design and delivery of courses, which enables us to:
    1. incorporate learning about assessment and evaluation throughout all program courses;
    2. embed learning about Indigenous history and perspectives throughout the majority of courses in the program, as led by our Program Elder, Terry LeBlanc.
    3. provide opportunities to plan lessons and units that are implemented in Practicum placements where descriptive feedback from instructors, advisors, associate teachers and students are invited and encouraged
    4. acknowledge, value and engage the diversity of learners in today’s classrooms through the exploration of differentiated instruction, theories of human development, special learning needs, cultural responsiveness, educational research, use of technologies and digital tools;
  4. We take a developmental approach to teacher education, providing our Teacher Candidates with scaffolding, gradual release of responsibility, and deepening complexity as the program progresses;
  5. We model what a Primary/Junior/Intermediate class can look like. Our mission is to cultivate an engaging, inclusive, safe and equitable learning environment in which Teacher Candidates’ intellectual, emotional, social, physical and spiritual well-being are nurtured.

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