How do I find the best resources?

A crucial aspect of scholarship is making good use of available sources. With the advent of the Internet and the explosion of data that characterizes the "information age," there sometimes seems to be more sources at our disposal than are even possible to navigate. On the one hand, libraries offer a huge number of books, journals, reference materials and e-resources which can be intimidating – where do you go to explore your topic? On the other side of things, the Internet provides a vast, unfiltered array of information, some of which will be immensely helpful to you in your biblical interpretation but some of which may not aid you in generating high-quality academic work. The process of gathering, evaluating and employing both print and electronic resources is one of the most important components of your research, and so it is worth taking time to familiarize yourself with what resources are available, how to discern appropriate resources and finally how to properly use and cite sources in your own exegetical work.

Getting Started

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