For information about the Counselling Major Internship please contact the Director of Internships, kstanberry [at] tyndale [dot] ca (subject: Message%20from%20Internship%20Website) ( Kern Stanberry.)

Internship Syllabus: 2020 -2021 (Updated June 19, 2020)

Placement Sites - A catalogue of approved placement sites. Descriptions have been written by the sites. Check back periodically because the list changes over time. Current list was posted on December 20, 2019. Note: This file is password protected.

Toronto Police Services VSS Application Process (COVID-19 Adjustments) - For Students living inToronto and require a Vulnerable Sector Screening (VSS) check. You must also read this Attachment

Internship Student Orientation - This is the PowerPoint presentation used during the information meeting.

Internship Handbook - This document is currently being updated. Please refer to "Internship Student Orientation" and "Internship Syllabus" for information on the current internship process.

Learning Contract - This is the Learning Contract, to be filled in with the supervisor, with goals for the term. A new contract is required at the beginning of each term.

Student Profile - The intern completes this form, indicating the intern's needs and preferences and forwards it by email to Kern Stanberry along with a current resume.

Supervisor's Evaluation - To be completed by supervisor, and signed by student and submitted to Kern Stanberry by end of each semester

Site and Supervisor Evaluation - A confidential feedback form in which the student, at the end of the internship, can evaluate the site and the supervisor. These are returned to Kern Stanberry, not the site.

Clinical Time Log - This Excel spreadsheet is used to record your weekly hour and minutes in each category - it will total your time!

Direct Client Contact Record - A sheet, signed by the supervisor at the completion of the internship, attesting to the total number of face-to-face counselling hours completed during the internship.

Internship Site Agreement (Updated July 2020) - This is the form which the internship supervisor(s) - Administrative and clinical - must sign indicating the internship agreement between site and the student.


Disclaimer: Unofficial Academic Information
For official academic information such as degree requirements, course descriptions, prerequisites, and schedules, please refer to the Office of the Registrar website.