The philosophy of the MDiv in Counselling includes the integration of theology with the theories and research of psychology, as well as a learning environment that is fostered in a Christian community.

Integrating Theology and Counselling

The MDiv in Counselling degree was formulated with the understanding that counselling practitioners who have integrated Christianity with psychology are able to bring deeper healing to their clients. Since God is the author of all truth, Tyndale instructors integrate the truths found in the research and theories of psychology with the truths found in Scripture. Tyndale's counsellors bring the stability of Christian moral values, godly discernment, and Spirit-led insight.

Experienced Instructors in a Learning Atmosphere

Instructors at Tyndale Seminary provide not only excellent course work and training experiences for students, but also a learning atmosphere that is lively, gracious, and relational. The education encourages instructor-student interactions both in and beyond the classroom. Instructors are involved with several professional organizations and seek to aid students in their credentialing process. As well, counselling students find that the progression in the core courses builds relationships with other students.

Disclaimer: Unofficial Academic Information
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