Doctor of Ministry (DMin) and Post-DMin Certificate Courses

The following is a list of courses offered in the Doctor of Ministry (DMin) programs.

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DMML 0901 Formation of the Leader

Works from the assumption that the leader’s character and inner development are critical to effective leadership of organizations and others. Employs leadership-related assessment instruments, spiritual practices and theological reflection to develop leader self-awareness, emotional intelligence and Christian maturity. The written leadership narrative may be included in the research portfolio.

DMML 0902 Theory, Theology, and the Art of Leadership

Considers Biblical perspectives on leadership, various theories of leadership, and the art of leadership. Addresses such subjects as identity, style, vulnerabilities, decision-making, personal management, administration, power, ethics, gender, and culture.

DMML 0903 Leadership and Change

Addresses the fundamental leadership competencies of understanding organizational culture, visioning, team building, developing and implementing projects, addressing conflict and crisis, and facilitating change. Draws on Biblical examples and theological perspectives. Considers some elements in the research projects.

DMML 0904 Leadership and Systems Theory

Uses systems theories including family systems, complex adaptive systems and the Biblical metaphor of church as body to provide lenses through which to view organizational culture and develop projects. Focuses on competencies of complex adaptive leadership such as embracing paradox and uncertainty. Considers related issues such as power, human relations, team development, conflict, and embracing paradox and uncertainty.

DMML 0905 Intercultural Leadership Competency

Intercultural competence is an essential component of a leaders self-awareness, attitude, knowledge and skill for serving in a multicultural context. Addresses such topics as a theology of diversity, models of culture and intercultural and crosscultural competence, cultural value orientations, communication styles, and conflict resolution. Includes individual and group intercultural development assessment and coaching.

DMML 0906 The Learning Organization

Students will collectively discuss, examine, and explore why it is essential for churches and Christian NGO’s to be learning organizations in a world of discontinuous change. Class material will cover biblical foundations, review of relevant literature, current organizational theory, and best practices in creating a culture of learning and change.

DMML 0907 Leadership Development

Encourages a vision of and planning for broadening and deepening your personal maturity, leadership capacity, and ministry effectiveness. Uses assessment instruments, and learning in the program to reflect on personal and professional growth. Looks at leadership mentoring and development in others.

DMML 0920 Directed Reading and Research

Directed Reading and Research (DRR) courses allow students to study in a specific area of interest not addressed by the scheduled course offerings. Permission required.

DMML 0930 Special Topics in Leadership

Examination of specific topics in ministry leadership.

DMML 0940 Program Continuation

Provides support and guidance for continuing in and completing work for the DMin program. Pass/ No Pass. No credits. Permission required.

DMML 0941 Exegeting Your Ministry Context

Explores research methods used to acquire a more comprehensive and holistic understanding of the local congregation or organization and its surrounding community. Uses participatory action research as a tool for exegeting the ministry leadership context. Aims to develop creative responses to specific ministry needs or opportunities. Project report will be included in your research portfolio.

DMML 0942 Philosophy of Christian Leadership

Guides in the articulation of your own grounded philosophy of Christian leadership. May be generic or context specific. Will include a theological framework or rationale, the treatment of a few key Biblical passages, and review of some leadership theories and models in the literature. Project report will be included in your research portfolio.

DMML 0943 Ministry-Based Field Research

Centres on a research project arising from your ministry context and leadership. Addresses project design, planning and management, research methods, and ethical considerations. Guides implementation of the project including obtaining permission for various aspects of the project, developing circles of participants, finding or developing resources, documenting relevant events and steps, and evaluating the process and outcomes. Project report will be included in your research portfolio. Pre-requisites: DMML 0942 and DMML 0952

DMML 0951 Integration Overview

Introduces the Doctor of Ministry leadership track program, outlines the requirements of the program and the flow of courses, and provides an overview of the major projects required. Introduces the biblical foundations of leadership in its various expressions to create a working definition of leadership while helping the student understand their own multiple layers of context (personal, family, ministry setting and broader community). Provides an overview of research as ministry, research portfolio design, project planning and management, research methods, and ethical considerations. Furthers the process of selfawareness through the utilization of counselling, spiritual direction and executive coaching.

DMML 0952 Integration Proposal

Integrating personal growth with project design and ethics awareness, students will be given resources and guidance for the development of an approved project proposal. The proposal surveys the ministry context, identifies needs and opportunities, cultivates a creative response, sketches a theological rationale, investigates resources and research methods, and develops a plan or process for implementation. This will include the ethics board approval process. In sum, this course addresses research portfolio design, project planning and management, research methods, and ethical considerations, integrating this process into the overall goals of the DMin program. It entails peer review of the research project proposal. Prerequisites: DMML 0901, DMML 0941 and DMML 0951.

DMML 0953 Integration Portfolio

Facilitates the completion of the summative Doctor of Ministry document, integrating the main three research projects in a portfolio that meets publication standards. Includes a public presentation and an oral hearing based on the portfolio and the objectives of the program. Normally the last course; usually runs from January to December. Prerequisites: DMML 0943 and DMML 0952.