Doctor of Ministry (DMin) and Post-DMin Certificate Courses

The following is a list of courses offered in the Doctor of Ministry (DMin) programs.

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DMSF 0901 Listening to God: Discernment for Spiritual Formation

An exploration of the place of discernment in the life of the Christian and of the church, including such topics as attending to the Spirit, and developing individual and communal discernment practices.

DMSF 0902 Spiritual Formation: A Historical and Practical Approach

An overview of Christian spirituality and spiritual formation including historical background, foundational issues, and current movements including such topics as the nature of Christian experience, transformation, and caring.

DMSF 0903 Desiring God: Sacred Paths and Spiritual Mentors

An analysis of selected historical and contemporary movements and models intended to cultivate spiritual growth, including such topics as Ignatian, revivalistic, contemplative, and missional spiritualities.

DMSF 0904 Formational Prayer: The Journey to Wholeness

An integration of Biblical and psychological insights, formational prayer, and transformational spiritual direction, using teaching, modeling, and group experience and including such topics as woundedness, addictions, and healthy ego development.

DMSF 0905 Engaging Scriptures: Spiritual Formation for Information and Transformation

An investigation into how the Bible presents spiritual formation and how the Bible can be employed in spiritual formation, including such topics as worship, Bible study, and lectio divina.

DMSF 0911 Space for God: Personalizing Sacred Practices

An exploration of ancient practices of the church that will enhance one's spiritual well-being in the midst of the busyness of daily life and ministry. This will include practices such as contemplative prayer, being in silence and solitude, listening to God to discern his voice and discovering what it means to rest in God.

DMSF 0912 Formed Together: Spiritual Formation in the Company of Others

A theoretical and practical review of dyadic relationships such as mentoring, discipleship, and spiritual direction that play a critical role in spiritual formation. This integrative course explores Christian spiritual formation in community, providing a theoretical and practical review of the relational and communal context of Christian formation. This includes an examination of the identity, structures and practices of Christian community. It also explores historic Christian disciplines and relationships to cultivate a theologically reflective practice of Christian discipleship. Includes application of learning to ministry.

DMSF 0920 Directed Reading and Research

Directed Reading and Research (DRR) courses allow students to study in a specific area of interest not addressed by the scheduled course offerings. Permission required.

DMSF 0930 Special Topics in Spiritual Formation

Examination of specific topics in spiritual formation.

DMSF 0940 Program Continuation

Provides support and guidance for continuing in and completing work for the DMin program. Pass/ No Pass. No credits. Permission required.

DMSF 0941 Spiritual Autobiography: The Ways of the Spirit in a Life

An overview of the ancient and contemporary practice of writing a spiritual autobiography and the composition of one's own spiritual memoir. Project report will be included in your research portfolio.

DMSF 0942 Developing a Model of Spiritual Formation: Ministry Project

Development of a theological and practical model or philosophy of formation using at least one historical or contemporary approach to spiritual formation as a primary resource or contrast. Project report will be included in your research portfolio.

DMSF 0943 Ministry-Based Field Research

A research project on a ministry of spiritual formation leading to experimental findings, the development of applied ministry competences, and practical positive changes to an individual's ministry. Project report will be included in your research portfolio. Pre-requisites: DMSF 0941 and DMSF 0942.

DMSF 0947 Integration: Research Portfolio and Hearing

Facilitates the completion of the summative Doctor of Ministry document, integrating the main three research projects in a portfolio that meets publication standards. Includes a public presentation and an oral hearing based on the portfolio and the objectives of the program. Normally the last course; normally runs from January to December. Prerequisites: DMSF 0941, DMSF 0942 and DMSF 0943.