Online Course Types

Tyndale Spring & Summer courses will be offered as scheduled and will be delivered in various online formats. Each course has a "Course Type" listed to help you know how the course will run.

Note: Every course includes graded group discussion forums and virtual office hours with the professor.


Livestream courses are streamed live over the internet and accessed from your computer, tablet or smart-phone. Remote students join the virtual classroom as full participants in the classroom. Lectures, discussions, and presentations occur at a specific hour. Students and instructors are required to be online at the same time (synchronous courses).
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Online courses are accessed from your computer, tablet or smart-phone on your own schedule. Professors provide materials, recorded lectures, and assignments for each week that can be accessed at any time. Students and instructors are not required to be online at the same time (asynchronous courses).
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Hybrid Online/Livestream

Hybrid Online/Livestream courses are designed with a few shorter presentations that are streamed live and in which students and instructors are online at the same times (synchronous). The remainder of the course consists of readings, recorded lectures, and assignments (asynchronous).
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