Robert Patterson

Dr. Robert Patterson

Sessional Instructor

 Email: rpatterson [at]

Academic Credentials

DMin, Carey Theological College, 2000
MDiv, Acadia University, 1987
MEd, Acadia University, 1985
BA, York University, 1983


Rob Patterson (D.Min.) is passionately involved in research and teaching in the area of Thanatology. For many years he has been seeking means to creatively and effectively share knowledge and skills with those going through loss, grief and death. He is interested in the academic side of thanatology, and is also a practitioner, serving as a pastor and chaplain.

He is currently the Lead Pastor of Scott Street MB Church in St. Catharines, Ontario.

Dr. Patterson is teaching a course on Cultural and Gender Dynamics in Grief, Death and Dying in Spring & Summer 2024.

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