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Other Component Examples

This content is for example purposes only. This page is here to demonstrate what kind of content can be added using a new feature of the Tyndale website called "Components". Components are reuseable patterns which allow you to create compelling content in a fairly simple way.

There are a number of "Other Components" that don't fit as nicely into categories like the other example pages, so I will give you some examples here.

Text Component

This component is called "Text" and is the general text box (WYSIWYG) editor that you have used in creating your Basic Page content. On a Components Page, you may have several of these Text components separated by other components, like Feature Cards or image galleries. This is the text box you know and (possibly) love — you can just have more of them on a Components Page.


Videos can be embeded from either Vimeo or Youtube and displayed on your page. These videos, like any component, can be added and moved in any order of the page.

Campus Virtual Tour

Audio File

Upload an audio file for people to listen to online or download to listen offline. This is a basic audio feature and does not produce a podcast feed.

Big Quotes

You can create mulitple types of quotes that stand out using this flexible component. There are many different variations you can create — demos below. These will work best to highlight a part of the copy you have elsewhere in the document or as  quick-tip type content.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed nunc lectus, consectetur quis placerat a, ultricies vel dolor. Fusce id sagittis lectus, lacinia malesuada tellus. Duis rutrum neque ut mattis tempor.

— Lorem ipsum dolor

Big Quotes are a very flexible component — try out some of the different display options to see what you can achieve.

— Andy Smith

Wireless printing from personal devices is available available at, or you can use a computer in one of the Tyndale Computer Labs.

Accordion Sets

This component allows you to create content that is contained inside aset of accordions. The accordions are closed by default and then open when the visitor would like to see the content. The component type is called "Accordion Set" — it is a container component. You can add accordion items inside the set once it has been created.

Links List with Description

Links List

Add a list of links with titles and change the order of the links.

File List

Do you have a number of files you would like to make available for people to download. This component will allow you to upload the files and make a simple list for people. The files can be reordered at any time. The files below are just samples and don't really have any value here.