Support Links

We know the value of cooperation here at Writing and Tutoring Services. After all, we partner with students every day, helping you with your assignments and class prep. But sometimes we just don't have all the answers. When that happens, we turn to the websites below. Know of a great writing or tutoring resource not listed here? Let us know about it by emailing academictutoring [at] tyndale [dot] ca.

Each department of the CAE has its own resource section. For more information on mental health and accessibility, check out our Accessibility Resources. For study guides and other academic resources, check out our Academic Advising Resources. And for tip sheets to get you started towards your dream career, check out our Career Services Resources

Writing and Tutoring Services also has a number of video resources on Simply log-in to your student account and click on the "Student Resources" or "Academic Integrity Module" tabs. 

Looking to take this information with you in a short, convenient, and printable form? Then look no further than our Tip Sheets page, where you'll find all kinds of useful PDFs with even more writing and tutoring support.