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Bachelor of Education

French Assessment

The purpose of the assessment is to determine if you are functionally bilingual, assessing your preparedness for teaching all three of the French Programs as outlined in the French as a Second Language Ontario Curriculum document: Core French, Extended French and French Immersion.

Required Program Tracks

French Assessment Components

The Tyndale BEd French Language Proficiency Assessment contains the following components: Education-focused Writing, Oral Communication, Reading and Listening.

  • Write two 200-word topical pieces
  • Read and understand a text and an image
  • Listen and respond to video and audio samples
  • Read aloud and interact orally in a guided discussion

The assessment will take place in two sessions. The first will be a 45-minute individual writing task. The second session will be based on a 45-minute block for the reading, listening and an oral interaction components. A performance-based descriptive rubric will be used for the assessment. Equal weight will be given to each of the four language skills: writing, reading, listening, speaking.

Dates and Procedures

Once your application is complete and has been assessed as meeting the entrance requirements, you will be contacted and invited to sign up for a timeslot to come to Tyndale campus and write the French Language Proficiency Assessment.

Whether or not you are successful in passing the French Language Proficiency Assessment, if you meet the requirements for consideration for an interview, you will also be contacted and invited to sign up for an interview time slot.

If you did not pass the French Language Proficiency Assessment, you might still be offered admission to the regular Primary/Junior or Junior/Intermediate Track. Junior/Intermediate Track offers are dependent upon whether you have another teachable subject qualification besides French.

The following websites are recommended as tools to help you prepare for the French Language Proficiency Assessment.

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