Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships & Awards

Entrance scholarships and awards are offered each fall to new undergraduate students, subject to funding and availability.

Available Entrance Scholarships & Awards

President’s Scholarship ($1,000 - $5,000)

The President's Scholarship is an entrance scholarship awarded automatically to every qualified new full-time student who is accepted into a BA, BBA, BRE or Transitions program at Tyndale and meet the academic criteria below.

The scholarship amount differs based on your SAT, ACT, or CLT score or your GPA from your top six grade 12 U or M courses (including ENG4U) in your most recent academic transcript. Transfer or mature student's GPA will be taken from their most recent academic transcript.

New full-time students do not have to submit an application to receive this scholarship. They will be automatically considered for the President's Scholarship.

Scholarship Level Scholarship Amount Criteria
President’s Scholarship of Distinction $5,000 Minimum average of 90%
(3.90 GPA or 1200 SAT or 27 ACT or 84 CLT)
President’s Scholarship of Excellence $2,000 Average between 80% and 89.9%
(3.70-3.89 GPA or 1130 - 1190 SAT or 25 - 26 ACT or 78-83 CLT)
President’s Scholarship of Merit $1,000 Average between 75% and 79.9%
(3.00-3.69 GPA or 1060 - 1120 SAT or 23 - 24 ACT or 74-77 CLT)


Christian Camp Service Award ($500)

Awarded up to a maximum of five full-time students with financial need being an essential criterion. Student must be working full-time at a partnering Christian camp for the summer leading up to their academic year at Tyndale. A supporting document confirming this employment is required.

Applying for Christian Camp Service Award

You must submit an application to apply for the Christian Camp Service Award. The application deadline is September 20, 2024.

Instructions on How to Apply for Scholarships & Awards