Frances Jean

Frances Jean

Program: MDiv Clinical Counselling [2015]

Occupation: Multisystemic Therapist

As a multisystemic therapist, Frances Jean [MDiv Clinical Counselling 2015] offers support to families on the verge of breakdown. Parents who have tried to manage their child’s destructive behaviour are at their wit’s end and feel that the only choice left for them is to give their child to foster care.

Frances observes the healing transformation of these families. It is not a linear process, and families who have struggled with their child for so long are often surprised by any positive change. For Frances, seeing the reconciliation between family members is very rewarding.

The skill labs at Tyndale Seminary were essential to Frances’ development as a therapist. In her work, she uses creativity and language to help families think in new ways. Tyndale taught her to be compassionate and see from a fresh perspective. She loves being fully present for people. “Sometimes it is the first time they feel listened to. It’s healing for them.”

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