What is a Certified Spiritual Director (CSD)?

Spiritual Directors are those who have received specific training in Bible, Theology, and Spiritual Formation, who assist individuals (called directees) in their spiritual journey. Spiritual directors are interested in the spiritual health, well-being, and spiritual growth of the directees they serve. Spiritual Directors provide this ministry through regular one-on-one sessions (or group sessions) that are focused on listening to, and working with both the directee and the Holy Spirit.

Holistic Approach and Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual Direction is holistic in that it is concerned with the directees’ spiritual, physical, relational and emotional wholeness. Spiritual Directors are trained with the necessary skills to work through the various challenges that the directees bring. At the same time, Spiritual Directors are personally committed to integrating the spiritual disciplines in their own life.

Certification Ensure Integrity

Tyndale's Spiritual Directors are certified with the Canadian Council of Professional Certification (CCPC). Certification recognizes Spiritual Directors have fulfilled an acceptable standard. More information on how to become a Certified Spiritual Director and how to become a Certified Spiritual Director Supervisor


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