Paths to Certification

Tyndale Seminary offers three graduate degrees that lead towards becoming a Certified Spiritual Director.

Masters of Divinity (MDiv) in Spiritual Formation

The MDiv in Spiritual Formation focuses on the study of spiritual theology and the practice of spiritual disciplines. The major in Spiritual Formation combines sound theological, biblical and spiritual formation courses. The MDiv in Spiritual Formation degree revolves around the courses:

  • Spiritual Formation
  • Prayer and the People of God
  • Finding Your Way: Principals of Spiritual Direction (retreat based course)
  • Protestant Spiritual Traditions 

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Masters of Theological Studies (MTS) in Christian Foundations 

The Master of Theological Studies is a foundational program in graduate theological studies. It
seeks to develop theological understanding by stressing biblical and theological studies within a
rigorous program of academic study.

In addition to the sequence of required courses, MTS students may opt to use their eight elective 
courses exclusively in Spiritual Formation toward fulfilling the requirements of the CSD Program.

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Masters of Theology (ThM) in Spiritual Theology

The Master of Theology degree (ThM) at Tyndale Seminary is an advanced academic program
designed to provide students with an opportunity for in-depth study in some aspect of theology
or biblical studies. The ThM in Spiritual Theology is now being offered for those who wish to do
further studies in the area of spirituality.

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Disclaimer: Unofficial Academic Information
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