Course Schedule

The Undergraduate Course Schedule contains the list of courses offered each semester.

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Spring/Summer 2024

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Fall 2024

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Winter 2025

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There are three ways to view the course schedule:

  • Excel file (filter mode) - to filter in the Excel file, click the arrow at the top of the column you want to filter by and select the specific criterion.
  • PDF file (searchable) - the PDF file allows you to search by keywords.
  • - contains the most up-to-date course schedule.

How to Register for Courses


Tyndale Course Delivery Terminology

In-Person (INPR) — Traditional face-to-face classroom instruction. Attendance at a specific time and location for all course activities is required.

Synchronous Online (SYNO) — Professors and students engage the course content together at the same time but from different locations. Online attendance at a specific time for all course activities is required. Some courses also consist of pre-recorded lectures and materials.

Asynchronous Online (ASYO) — Professors and students engage the course content at different times and from different locations. Attendance at a specific time or location is not required.

Blended (BLEN) – A mixture of delivery formats blending in-person and online (synchronous and/or asynchronous) instructions.  More than one-third of the course will be either in-person or online, to be determined by the professor before the start of the course.  Students will need to follow the scheduled delivery format for each class.

For courses with both in-person and synchronous online section codes, students must stay in the same delivery format they registered for throughout the semester.


How to understand a course code

Every course code has a 4-letter prefix followed by a 4-digit number.

A 2-digit section code then follows this sequence. The section code indicates whether a course is available at different times, its delivery format, and whether it is offered under a special program.  In most cases, the first part of the section code will be a number (for regular courses) or a letter (for special programs), and the second part will indicate the delivery format (P for in-person, S for synchronous, A for asynchronous, B for blended).

When registering for courses, pay close attention to the full course code from prefix to section code, to ensure that you are registering for the right course. For example, the full code required to register is "BSTH 1013 1P".


How do I find undergraduate syllabi and other course materials?

Undergraduate syllabi and all course information (handouts, announcements, lecture schedule etc.) are available on

  • Go to
  • Log-in with your Tyndale username and password
  • Click on the course you are looking for

All courses have their own course pages. You should be actively checking your course pages.