Wesley Studies Symposium

Annual Wesley Studies Symposium

Since 2009, Tyndale Seminary has gathered local scholars, students, and church leaders for an annual Wesley Studies Symposium.  The symposium exists to highlight and foster scholarly work on the Wesleyan tradition, as well as research on related topics undertaken by Wesleyans, with a particular focus on Canadian contributions. Our presenters have included senior scholars, emerging scholars, pastors, and students.  A list of past papers can be found below, including links to some of the presentations.

2024 Wesley Conference
The Living Word: Transformative Encounters with Scripture

Featuring Rev. Dr. Jessica LaGrone
April 24, 2024


Our next Wesley Studies event will take place on Wednesday April 24, at Tyndale University.  This year, in addition to our usual slate of high quality academic papers, we will also feature some more ministry-oriented breakout groups.  Our keynote speaker will be Rev. Dr. Jessica LaGrone, Dean of the Chapel at Asbury Theological Seminary.  Dr. LaGrone is a celebrated preacher and teacher and author of several books, including Out of Chaos and Broken and BlessedShe is an ordained minister in the Global Methodist Church and previously served at The Woodlands United Methodist Church near Houston, Texas

In addition to Dr. LaGrone's two keynote talks, confirmed presenters at this time include:

  • Steve Tungate on Wesley and Mysticism
  • Wing-Sze Wong on Wesley and the Problem of Evil
  • Jonathan Tysick on Wesley and Animal Ethics
  • Keith Taylor on Accompanying Those Who Mourn
  • Steven Cameron on Preaching and the Sacramental Life
  • David Shuchardt on the Gospel Story for a Canadian Audience
  • Jenn Aspilla on Prayer as Encountering God in Contemplative Action
  • Rick Hiemstra on Parenting and Faith Formation
  • Joy McEwen on Parenting as a Means of Grace

Click here for the full conference schedule.

Registration is now open, with in-person and online options and generous discounts for students. Early bird pricing ends April 7.

2023 Wesley Symposium

Heritage and Hope: Wesleyan Wisdom for the Future of Ministry

Celebrating 30 Years of the Bastian Chair of Wesley Studies

April 25, 2023


  • Victor A. Shepherd, "On the Thirtieth Anniversary of the Chair of Wesley Studies, Tyndale University: Its Birth-Pangs at Tyndale, Its Unapologetic Contribution of Theological Riches, Its Full Flowering in a World God Refuses to Forsake" [audio] [video]
  • Howard A. Snyder, "Unlikely Twins: John of Epworth and Francis of Assisi" [audio] [video]
  • Aaron Perry, "Five Marks for Wesleyan Leadership Today" [audio] [video]
  • Stuart Williams, "The Promise of Difference: An Intercultural Response to Racial Diversity within the Canadian Church" [audio] [video]
  • Sarah Newman, "Dreams as Divine Revelation: A Wesleyan Approach" [audio] [video]
  • Dan Sheffield, "Seeking an Alternative Narrative for a Secular Age" [audio] [video]
  • James Watson, "Methodist Tentmakers: Learning from the Present, Dreaming about the Future" [audio] [video]


2022 Wesleyan-Pentecostal Symposium:
Sisters of the Spirit: Women in the Holiness and Pentecostal Tradition

Videos of each presentation from the 2022 are available as one playlist, or individually via the links below.

2021 Wesley Symposium

Video of each presentation from the 2021 Wesley Symposium are available at the links below.

2019 Wesley Symposium

Audio files available via the links below.

2018 Wesley Symposium

Audio from the 2018 Symposium is available here.

  • Stephen Lennox, keynote addess: "A Sanctifying Context: Higher Education in the Wesleyan Tradition."
  • Dan Sheffield, “A Wesleyan Ecology of Christian Formation.” [Slides from Sheffield's presentation]
  • Tim Perry, “Evangelicals and Vatican II.”
  • Michael Brain, “The Evangelization of Metaphysics: Robert W. Jenson and the Barthian Critique of Religion.”
  • Axel Kazadi, “The Arrangement of Predestination in Calvin's Institutes: A Critical Assessment of the relationship between predestination and the theme of Book Three.”
  • Dale Harris, “A Stranger Love: Hospitality as a Response to Homosexuality in the Church.”

2017 Wesley Symposium and Ministry Conference

Audio from the 2017 event is available here.

  • Ben Witherington III, keynote addresses on "The Authority and Character of Scripture" and "The Ethics of Jesus Revisited" (3 parts)
  • Panel Discussion, "Scripture and Authority in the Local Church Today." The participants are David McMaster (moderator, Tyndale Wesley Studies Committee), Natalie Frisk (Brethren in Christ), Albert Jebanesan (Tamil Christian Church), Wendy Johnstone (Salvation Army), Gordon McCann (Church of the Nazarene) and Steve Ottley (Church of the Nazarene).
  •  Aimee Patterson, “A New Final Enemy: Reflections on Dying, Suffering and Autonomy.”
  •  Dan Cooper, “Breakdown in Babylon: an exploration of Psalm 137 through the lens of metal culture.”
  •  Grant Gordon, “John Newton Encounters John Wesley: The Untold Story.”
  •  Gerhard Mielke, “What motivated Wesleyan Holiness Women of the 19th and early 20th century to preach?”
  •  Aaron Perry, “Ethics, Theology, and Leadership: A Review of the Current State of Ethical Leadership and Why Theology can Make a Contribution”

2016 Wesleyan-Pentecostal Symposium

Media files from the 2016 event are available here.

  • Donald W. Dayton, Keynote Lecture 
  • Bradley Truman Noel, “Experiential Verification: The Pentecostal Advantage in Hermeneutics?” 
  • John Vlainic, “How a Theology of Experience Shows Up in Pastoral Care.” 
  • James E. Read, “‘Whatever it is which reason or experience shows’: Experience in a Wesleyan approach to ethics” 
  • Stephen J. Bedard, “Experience as Christian Apologetics.” 
  • Justin Schwartz, “Objectivity is the Fruit of Subjectivity: Experience as a Fundamental Category for Theology in the work of Bernard Lonergan” 
  • Janelle Zeeb, “Comparing Arminianism and Open Theism on Theodicy: An Example of How Experience Affects our Preferences for Theological Systems” 
  • Peter D. Neumann, “Pentecostal Mediated Immediacy: Overcoming Experience of God as Ecumenical Barrier” 
  • James E. Pedlar, “Experiential Christianity in Canada at the Turn of the Twentieth Century: Three Wesleyan Examples.” 

2015 Wesley Symposium

  • Keynote: Kevin Mannoia (Asuza Pacific University), “New Vocabulary for Holy Living in the 21st Century."
  • James T. Robertson, “For God, King, and Country: Methodists and Interpreting the War of 1812”
  • Todd Webb, “‘Too great to be forgiven’: James Everett's clandestine war against Jabez Bunting and the Buntingites”
  • Sandra King, “The 1857 Hamilton, Ontario Revival: An exploration of the Layman’s Revival and The Second Great Awakening.” [Sandra's book on the subject is now available]
  • Adam Kline, "'Let Us Make Man in Our Image': the Divine Nature and the Narrative that is Its Substance."

2014 Wesley Symposium

  • Keynote: Michael A. G. Haykin, “‘The Revived Puritan’: The Life and Piety of George Whitefield”
  • Clair MacMillan, “Creating and Sustaining Christian Culture and Conscience: A Challenge for the Church”
  • Darren Schmidt, “Methodism Writ Large? Wesley's Ecclesiastical History (1781) and Methodist Identity”
  • Michael Tapper, “Trinitarian Beliefs and Musical Expression among Canadian Holiness Churches”
  • Dan Sheffield, “Genuine Christianity: Wesleyan Theology and Praxis in a Multicultural Society”
  • Rebecca Nicol, “Phoebe Palmer’s Theology: Is it Compatible with Wesleyan Thought?”
  • Dale Harris, “The Clean Slate: Reading Romans 5 with a Wesleyan Lens”
  • Leonard Chester, “When the Fire Fell” (on the BIC’s Wesleyan connections)
  • Book panel: Lift Up A Standard: The Life and Legacy of Ralph C. HornerJames Robertson, James Pedlar, Laurence Croswell, Mark Croswell, Peter Rigby [laurence [dot] croswell [at] yahoo [dot] com (subject: Lift%20Up%20a%20Standard) (contact the author for a copy) of Lift Up a Standard]

2013 Wesley Symposium

2012 Wesley Symposium

2011 Wesley Symposium

  • Keynote: Kenneth Newport, "Charles Wesley: Priest, Poet and Theologian."
  • David Rainey, "The Future of Wesleyan Theology with a Missional Agenda."
  • Rob Clements, "The Quest for the Historical Wesley: An Analysis of the Earliest Biographies (1791-1825)."
  • Marlon Deblasio, "Conversion, Justification, and the Experience of Grace in the Post-Aldersgate Wesley."
  • Mike Tapper, "Assessing Social Sin: A Critical Task in Contemporary Methodism."
  • J. Andrew Edwards, "The Wesleyan Transformation of the Public Sphere: Musical and Moral Perfection in Early Methodism."

2010 Wesley Symposium

  • Amy Caswell Bratton, "The Story of Christian Perfection: The Perfection Narrative of George Clark and Other Friends of John Wesley." [See her book, Witnesses of Perfect Love]
  • Chad Short, "John Wesley and N. T. Wright in Dialogue."
  • Bob Munshaw, "'Be Thorough, But Be in Haste': Impetus and Self-Understanding of Mission in the Early Free Methodist Church."
  • Howard Olver, "A Theology for Reaching the City."
  • James Watson, "Social Science Methodology for Multiethnic Church Planting."
  • Matt McEwen, "Wesley and the Environment: A Sacramental View."

2009 Wesley Symposium

  • David Walls, "The Influence of the Eastern Fathers on John Wesley's Theology."
  • Rob Clements, "Prophets, Priests, and the People of God: Ecclesiology in the Wesleyan-Methodist Tradition, 1743-1925."
  • James E. Pedlar, "Sensing the Spirit: Wesley's Empiricism and his Use of the Language of Spiritual Sensation." [published version in the Asbury Journal]
  • Chris Payk, "Prevenient Grace in Wesley: Missiological Insights." [see Payk's book, Grace First]