Wesley and Wesley-Related Courses at Tyndale

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THEO 0670 - Holiness: The Life of God in the People of God

**New for fall 2021 **
Mondays 2:15-5:05 (livestream with an in-person option, if pandemic restrictions allow)

An exploration of the Christian calling to be holy as God is holy. Examines holiness through engagement with some of the most important sources from theological tradition (e.g., Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, John Wesley), as well as lesser-known voices, past and present. Emphasis will be placed on developing a view of holy living that is God-centred, grace-filled, embodied, social, and missional.
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THEO 0629 John Wesley's Theology: Renewing the Heart, Renewing the Church

An examination of the life and thought of John Wesley, and of early Methodism as a movement of evangelism, renewal and mission within the larger Christian Church. Students will explore major aspects of Wesley’s theology and the dynamics of early Methodism as a movement, with attention to how Wesley’s theology can help inform a holistic understanding of Christian life and mission in the contemporary context.

SPIR 0610 Protestant Spiritual Traditions

A team-taught, comparative study of Reformed, Anglican, Anabaptist/Baptistic, Methodist and Pentecostal/charismatic traditions of spirituality.

THEO 0623 Theology of Church Renewal: Movements of the Spirit

Focuses on the recurring phenomenon of renewal in the Church as a key aspect of a biblical and contemporary ecclesiology. Church renewal will be explored through an examination of a variety of renewal movements and an engagement with the theological and missional questions raised by the persistent presence of such movements in Church history. Implications will be drawn for Church life and mission today.

THEO 0653 Creation, New Creation, and Creation Stewardship

This course studies the theology of salvation, particularly as it relates to the place of the created order in God’s redemptive plan and the meaning of “the restoration of all things” in the new creation by the Spirit through the work of Jesus Christ. It draws on biblical, historical, and systematic theology to construct a theological approach to creation stewardship as an aspect of Christian mission.