God’s Word and God’s World: Literacy, Education and Development

CHED 0612 (3)

Studies the relation of the gospel to the need for holistic human and community development and the core areas of education and literacy. Many of the uneducated are from minority unreached people groups. Looks at the world situation in terms of mission, minority language groups, literacy, education and development issues. Considers the kingdom theology that affects these issues. Looks at governmental and non-governmental movements, especially the engagement of Christian agencies in meeting these challenges. Some sub-topics include: gender issues, HIV/AIDS, the environment, globalization, youth at-risk and conflict resolution. Considers cultural learning and teaching styles, critiques of western models of education as applicable to non-western context, and other relevant education-specific concerns.
Course Code: CHED 0612 | Credit Hours: 3 | Seminary Graduate Course

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