Youth and Family Ministry

The Youth and Family Ministry degree is designed to train and equip you for youth ministry. This program introduces a theological understanding and focus on youth culture, youth development, and spiritual ministry. Furthermore, you will undergo an internship and gain the experience necessary to work effectively in your community.

Flexible and Tailored

Our program offers you the ability to customize and tailor your studies according to your experience, interests, and ministry goals. Furthermore, classes are available during the day, evening, weekend, or online for part-time and full-time studies. You are able to adapt your schedule to fit your current needs to maintain workplace, ministry, or familial responsibilities.

Youth Ministry Focus

Our program is focused on producing trained youth pastors and youth leaders. To do so, you can take up to a full year of youth and family ministry-specific courses, such as Foundations of Ministry with Youth, Youth and Family in the Immigrant Church, and Evangelism and Discipleship in the Contemporary Adolescent World. This program will uniquely prepare you with the necessary skills and abilities to work in diverse church settings.

Holistic Family Approach

You will learn how to integrate working with youth and their families. This contemporary approach recognizes the need to holistically provide support to the entire family unit. In addition to core courses in Christian history, theology, and biblical studies, our faculty teaches courses such as Counselling Adolescents and their Families for effective youth ministry in the 21st century.

Chris Yu
“We are encountering a generation that has no Christian background. This is a great opportunity but also a huge challenge.” Chris Yu [MDiv Youth and Family Ministry] alumnus

Degree and Diploma Options


Master of Divinity

27 courses
3 years

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Master of Theological Studies

18 courses
2 years

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Graduate Diploma

9 courses
1 year

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“I have taken two biblically focused classes, one on Luke and one on Revelation. Both of them translated into a year’s worth of sermons. I would never have taught on Revelation without having taken the class.” Fred Middle [MTS], Pastor