Dr. Ian W. Scott

Academic Credentials

BRE, Emmanuel Bible College, 1995
MCS, Regent College, 1998
PhD, McMaster University (Religious Studies), 2004

Areas of Specialization

New Testament, Pauline Studies, Judaism in the Second Temple period, Approaches to Religious Knowledge, Early Christology


Dr. Scott came to Tyndale from the University of Western Ontario in 2006. Many of his research interests revolve around epistemology—how we can know things about God, ourselves, and the world. His first book is Paul’s Way of Knowing: Story, Experience and the Spirit (Baker Academic, 2008). He is currently writing his second book on Jesus’ parables and the metaphorical nature of truth. Dr. Scott is also interested in Judaism during the Second Temple period, and he is co-general editor of the Online Critical Pseudepigrapha (pseudepigrapha.org), a project to publish the original-language texts of Jewish works from around the time of Jesus. Beyond traditional research like this, Dr. Scott enjoys exploring the potential of web technology to enhance the teaching and learning of ancient languages. He develops the Paideia web-app for students of New Testament Greek (learngreek.ca/paideia).

Popular Courses

  • New Testament Theology and History
  • Romans: Faith in the God who Rescues
  • Gospel of John: Light in the Darkness
  • The Jewish World of Jesus and Paul

Favourite Place in Toronto

One of my favourite places is Kensington Market. I love the life and diversity packed into those dense few blocks.

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