Accessing Microsoft Teams

Most video call appointments at the Centre for Academic Excellence are conducted via Microsoft Teams. Here's how you download Teams and how we initate those appointments.

Accessing Teams

First, you must log into Teams. You can do this by downloading to your desktop (on Windows or Mac - our preferred method), on the mobile app, or an online browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.):

To download the Teams app on your desktop or mobile, choose which version you want and then follow the download instructions accordingly.

the Microsoft Teams download page with the two download options (for desktop and for mobile).

To use Teams online, click the “Sign in” button (Since Teams does not allow video calls on all web browsers, we recommend logging in via Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.)

the Microsoft Teams sign in page, with the white "Sign In" button highlighted.

For either option, you must log in using your myTyndale username and password. If you are previously logged in via a different acocunt (work, personal, etc.), log out and close your app/browser entirely before trying to log in again with your myTyndale credentials.

How to Begin your Appointment

When you log into Teams, your screen will have a purple bar along the left side of the page with buttons like "Activity," "Chat," "Calls," etc. A few minutes before your appointment, click the "Chat" button. 

When it is time for your appointment, the person you are meeting with will send you a chat message. Please reply to confirm that you are ready. (NOTE: If you are meeting for a Writing Consultation or an Academic Tutoring appointment, your Consultant will message you from the writing or tutoring accounts). 

a Writing Consultant's message to a student asking if they are ready to meet, and the student respond that they are ready.

The person you are meeting with will then initiate a video call. A small pop-up window will appear with the caller info. Please click the "Video Camera" icon (or, if you don't have a webcam, then click the telephone icon). 

Sharing a Document on WC Online

There are three main ways to share a document:

  • If you booked an apponitment on WC Online, you can attach your document directly to your appointment by logging into WC Online, clicking your appointment, clicking "Edit Appointment," and then scrolling down to the attachment options.
  • You can email your document to the appropriate email address.
  • (Only available on desktop) - You can attach your paper in the Teams chat. If you are in the middle of your call, open the chat by clicking the "Show Conversation" button (looks like a speech buble). Then click the paperclip and attach the document. Finally, send the document by pressing the "Enter" key or by clicking the paper airplane button.  
    how to attach documents on Teams chat. First you click the paperclip, then click the "Upload from my computer" button. what the Teams chat looks like after selecting a document. To send, press the "Enter" key or click the paper airplane.