Who was J. William Horsey?

J. William HorseyJ. William Horsey (1892-1968), "a man with a great heart and a fine intellect", served as Chairman of the Board of Governors of Toronto Bible College (TBC) from 1964 until his death in 1968. Under his leadership, TBC moved to greater expansion and merged with London College of Bible and Missions (LCBM) to become the ONTARIO BIBLE COLLEGE (OBC), which is presently the Tyndale University. On his golden wedding anniversary, in 1964, he established the Clara Banford Horsey Library Fund at the College in honour of his wife. In 1966, he donated the library which was later moved from Spadina to the present campus in North York and bears his name.

He liked to help others. His own early life and background were a constant reminder to him that young people need help, encouragement and guidance. "I like to give them a hand, because I had to learn things the hard way", he said. He liked to encourage learning and this desire was reflected in his efforts for educational causes at OBC, as well as the University of Western Ontario and as a member of the Board of Governors of York University. He served actively with many Christian organizations including Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship and Yonge Street Mission.

As a Christian businessman, he was very successful and had a deep devotional life. In 1938, he became President of Dominion Stores. He had interests in the citrus and soft drink industry. The Horsey Corporation diversified by linking with the Salada Tea Co. which later became well known as Salada Foods Ltd. He served on numerous corporation boards as Chairman and Director.

In an address to Toronto’s Board of Trade Club, William Horsey said, "True leadership calls for personal sacrifice, courage and faith. The greatest leadership we have known or shall ever know is triumphantly expressed in Christ our Lord." J. William Horsey’s success formula: "Whoever will be chief must be a servant."