Gifts and Donations Policy

Donated materials appropriate for the library collection are welcomed and accepted with the understanding that the Library Director is free to determine the appropriate disposition of these materials.  Materials will only be added if they conform to the selection criteria established in the Tyndale Libraries collection development policy; though some leniency may be allowed in interpreting the criteria.  It is best for prospective donors to provide a list of items they wish to donate in advance, so that the library is not overwhelmed with items it cannot use.

Donated materials not needed by the library will be offered to other libraries, if they are especially valuable or appropriate for library use (especially for theological libraries in developing countries).  Donations not needed by the library may also be put on sale for library users at modest rates and the income generated by the sales will go into the library’s operating budget.

Gift labels are usually placed in materials accepted for the collection. “Gift in Kind” receipts for donated materials are also issued, but must be requested when the donation is made.  Receipts can only be issued for items actually added to the library collection.  Please note: it is up to the donor to defend any claim made to the Canada Revenue Agency.

For more information, please contact the Library Director